Enough Reasons to Stay A Starving Artist

Enough Reasons to Stay A Starving Artist Is it irony or sarcasm? Is it true or false? Well it’s both. When you agree Success is a choice, something you reach towards, something you manifest by effort & time, then you might also agree ‘the starving artist’ thing is a choise. And the reasons for standing […]

‘Galleries will make me Famous’

I believed in the ‘galleries will make me famous’ fairytale for a very long time. It’s how we were brought up, yes. That’s what we learnt in art-history, in art-society, in school. Maybe because Holland only has so many galleries, or perhaps because at one point I founded my own brick and mortar gallery, in any which […]

How to Make More Money From Art [Video]

How to Make More Money From Art 1)  By Making sure Money is Welcome in the First Place. 2)  By Making sure it’s Not dripping out because of Flaws in your Systems. This marks the beginning of translating these Blog posts into videos for much easier and more fun ‘digestion’. Reading takes time, and some […]

How to Clone Your WP Site

How to Clone Your WP Site This can be a very short post. Recently I was asked about restoring – copying – back up creating of a website, and this is what I do: I create a clone on a different domain. There I can test themes, test plugins, create back-ups and so on. Cloning […]

Dedicating Time to Build Your Art Business is Crucial for Survival

Are You ‘As Good As Tomorrow’s Gig’?   She said: “Paint, Paint, Paint!” When the new year started someone said to me: “Paint, paint, paint!” as her New Year’s wish for me, and although I love her for that it got me thinking, therefore I write this now. When you go and ‘Paint,Paint,Paint!’ you might stay […]

Fame and Fortune in Art – It Can Be a Choise [Video]

FAME AND FORTUNE IN ART Here’s a video in which I read this blog post out loud. (Below the video is the full text.)   Lot’s of Artists have the dream of being ‘recognised’, ‘being made famous’, or ‘becoming a sudden success’. Some commercial Galleries know this and play on this. They’ll send you an email […]